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Paluan Professional means

In each category of our cleaning products scrupulous care and attention is given to new technologies and the relevant safety regulations in force.



Hand towel rolls, wipes, toilet paper, napkins, paper handkerchiefs, tissues and much more…



A wide range of detergents is divided into categories according to their area of use, but all with equally high-quality end results.



Disposable gloves and other products, detergent wash products for the personal hygiene of workers in the healthcare and geriatric field. Disinfectants and sterilants for the highest standards of surface hygiene.



Personal protective equipment for safety at work for professionals in all industry sectors.



For the world of beauty centres and beauticians; products that guarantee hygiene and excellent results.



From small accessories and everyday items to more complex equipment.



High quality disposable table linen for catering services. A line of uniquely elegant hotel trolleys in a range of styles, highly versatile and beautifully finished; the unmistakable features of Italian design.

We represent professionalism, experience and uncompromising quality.

Since 1986 our company has consistently offered the highest standards of service, 
on-the-job precision and a choice of the best cleaning products on the market…

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Who We Are

Supplying Cleaning products since 1986

PALUAN PROFESSIONAL SRL continues Paluan Arrigo work, a company specialized in cleaning products that operates in northern Italy (in the province of Reggio Emilia) since March 1986.
We have always understood that, hard work, and a high standard of service, combined with the best products available on the market,can improve the quality perceived by our Clientel

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Our Services

  • Acquisti seguiti da esperti del settore
  • Assistance

    Our staff is there to assist with any request about the use or purchase of our products, following the customer step by step both before and after the purchase.

  • Choice

    Our online catalogue is divided into categories for quick reference and offers an enormous choice of products for cleaning businesses, health care facilities, beauty centres and restaurants.

  • Purchase

    You can buy our products directly online using the e-commerce link for each article.

  • Delivery

    Our goods are delivered within 5 days.
The service is completely free for orders over €100 (excluding taxes)


Our company selects only high-quality products that offer outstanding performance, making work easier for the end user while guaranteeing their safety.

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ISO 9001 certification:
when quality
means safety

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Discover all the latest news about our company and the latest products on offer.

Italy tops the professional cleaning sector, Paluan in expansion for 30 years

7 June 2016
Professional cleaning is one of the many specialist services in which Italy can boast international supremacy. The data from AfidampFA (Italian Manufacturer’s Association for Machinery, Products and Equipment for Professional Cleaning and Hygiene) in the past few years underlines Italy’s market stability in this area, where national market leaders compete for international supremacy against colleagues from Germany and the United States. Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lombardy drive the production of professional cleaning products and offer the most advanced services. Within this context, Paluan Professional has grown constantly over the last thirty years, focusing on innovation, quality and customer services as key elements of their success.

The new site is online!

7 June 2016
Our thirtieth anniversary is not our point of arrival but a new point of departure and we’re marking it with the launch, on this very day, of our company website; an innovative tool for business and for the presentation of our company, where you’ll find our catalogues and all the information about our products. Shortly, we’ll be launching the e-commerce section: for the moment this focuses only on the BEAUTY CENTRE SECTOR, but will in time expand into new sectors and products.

We’ve been with you for 30 years

7 June 2016
04/03/1986 – 04/03/2016 This year marks the company’s 30th anniversary Paluan Professional celebrates 30 years of business which was started way back in 1986 by founder and Sole Director Arrigo Paluan. The former small wholesaler of cleaning products has now become a benchmark company in the world of professional cleaning, with a complete range of products that can meet the needs of different business sectors with care and speed. We would like to say a special thank-you to everyone who has placed their trust in our company Together, we have shared valuable professional experience and times of exceptional difficulty; such as the earthquakes of May-June 2012, a period which put our abilities to react and adapt to the needs of customers, to the test. In spite of the struggles, the relocation of the business, the effort and costs sustained to repair our headquarters at Reggiolo, we didn’t stop for a single day and were able to guarantee our services with the same punctuality and precision that have always been our distinguishing feature.
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Safeguard nature
The products that carry the Ecolabel guarantee 
excellent performance together with respect for the environment

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