Proof of quality

ISO 9001: 2008

The EN ISO 9001:2008 certification acknowledges Paluan’s superior quality with regard to its processes, organisation of the workplace and in the management of the range of cleaning products offered to its customers.

This recognition is given to companies that are able to adapt to the new challenges relating to costs and production, at the same time striving to lower the environmental impact: quality management must be achieved through a balance between the fluctuations in the specific segment and the organization of the company.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification is awarded after all the company processes have been analysed, a manual for quality standards compiled, inspections have been completed and all the requirements have been met: this is not an obligation but a choice by Paluan Professional to demonstrate its commitment in maintaining, and continually improving, the highest standards of product on offer.


The ECOLABEL is an ecological product labelling system. Its purpose is to encourage the creation, promotion, sale and use of products, including those for cleaning, that have a low environmental impact during their entire life cycle, a process that begins in the planning stages and ends with the management of their disposal.

The assessment criteria for the issue of an ECOLABEL include precise standards for the raw materials, packaging and for the suitability of use; the aim is that of safeguarding the population and environment while offering a cleaning product capable of outstanding performance.

The products offered by Paluan Professional include product lines that bear the ECOLABEL giving consumers the opportunity to choose not only quality, but cleaning products with a low environmental impact.