A product for every job

Cleaning product professionals supplying the trade since 1986.

The specialist company Paluan Professional, located in the province of Reggio Emilia, supplies public facilities and agencies top quality, certified cleaning products for professional cleaning. To find the most suitable solution from the comprehensive and continually updated range of products and equipment, individual consultancy is provided for each customer by an expert operator with years of experience in the specific sector concerned.



Hand towel rolls, wipes, toilet paper, napkins, paper handkerchiefs, tissues: resistant and practical, suitable for all kinds of jobs and areas, the paper products supplied by Paluan Professional guarantee outstanding performance.



We offer a wide range of cleaning products, in particular detergents, divided into categories according to their area of use, all with equally high-quality end results. From detergents for laundry and for bathroom hygiene, to those for the protection and restoration of flooring, including specific HACCP products, disinfectants, anti-graffiti treatments, super-concentrates and products for all surface types (glass, porcelain stoneware, etc.), each solution guarantees outstandingly efficient cleaning agents that meet the standards and the specific characteristics of the area to be treated.
caratteristiche delle aree di intervento.



In the category of personal protective equipment Paluan Professional offers products that meet the on-the-job needs of cleaning operators. There is a vast assortment of gloves, divided by size and material, ensuring the ideal solution for any kind of job. Shoes and clothing compete the range of protective equipment.



For the world of beauty centres and beauticians, we offer a specific line of products for body care. There are items and accessories for hair removal, cloths, disposable towels and gloves, cosmetic products for treatments etc., that complement the range of detergents and cleaning equipment for professional cleaning.



Dispensers, rubbish bags, cleaning trolleys, extendible broom handles and containers of varying sizes: this category of indispensable cleaning tools completes the Paluan Professional range of products and includes small accessories and items for daily use alongside more complex equipment.